The excellence of the Langhe

Beauty, harmony and style.

In addition to the beauty of the landscape and the appeal of its ancient castles, the culinary excellence of the Langhe attracts millions of visitors per year: a unique heritage, a paradise for every taste!

Each season, our area proposes the food enthusiastic a blend of scents, flavours and sensations, to which is difficult to stay indifferent.

Excellence: the key word that characterizes all the products from our land. From the great wines of the Langhe, namely the Barolo: pleasant, genuine and guaranteed by the most careful and precise manufacturing procedures; to a whole series of unique and inimitable foodstuffs: first and foremost, the White Truffle of Alba: elegant, refined and appreciated in every corner of the world, synonymous with style and luxury, but also with nature, research, perseverance and tradition. Also, the Tonda Gentile hazelnut, among the best varieties in the world, and main ingredient in many sweets and delicacies in the local cuisine. And don’t forget DOP cheeses, fresh pasta, cured meats and sauces, ingredients for extraordinary recipes in the Langa repertoire.

Langhe gastronomy is substantial and flavoursome, but at the same time simple and genuine, because it is tied to the normal changing of seasons and the typical products of each one. Inherited from rural tradition, the characteristic recipes of Langa are all humble in economic terms, but rich in style and authenticity: from tajarin to agnolotti with meat sauce, from the Piemontese fritto misto to the hare a la civet; and of course the desserts: hazelnut cake, zabaglione, bônet and so on.

Let yourself be tempted by: come and discover the culinary excellence of the Langhe!


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