marzo 2015

How to match wine and cheese

Cheese can be served either at the beginning or after a meal, as a dessert or simply as an aperitif – but a combination with the right wine in order to enhance its quality and organoleptic characteristics is something that cannot be missed. Surely pairing wine and cheese is no easy task, because of the […]


The perfect Risotto al Barolo!

Ingredients: 500 g of rice for risotto (Carnaroli or Superfino Arborio) 50 g of fresh beef marrow 1 onion 50 cl of vegetable broth (preferably a good beef broth) 3 glasses of Barolo (being generous never hurts… and you may drink the 4th while cooking!) 100 g of grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese 50 g of butter […]


The excellence of the Langhe

Beauty, harmony and style. In addition to the beauty of the landscape and the appeal of its ancient castles, the culinary excellence of the Langhe attracts millions of visitors per year: a unique heritage, a paradise for every taste! Each season, our area proposes the food enthusiastic a blend of scents, flavours and sensations, to […]


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