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Nowadays weather is one of the most important  word in our daily life. Internet is full of weather sources and for many people the search of the most reliable forecast  this is becoming a true obsession. Professional services try to keep account of the caotic state of the atmosphere and knowing the past, present weather data  and conditions is the first foundamental step to build an accurate forecast.

With the aid of the one of the most innovative italian weather provider  Datameteo.com we have combined the potential of  measures of the local weather station, with the power of accurate downscaled weather forecast.


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For the agriculture and the enviroment  is very important knowing in advance with some reliability whether it will rain or not, if there are late frosts, hail damaging, flash floods or drought with high temperatures, allows to program any irrigation of fields, crop spraying and phyto-sanitary treatments, the protection of them from hail or fire.

To schedule tasks of sowing, haymaking, spraying, irrigation, pest control, such as the “spraying window” for phyto-sanitary products, which operate on the basis of meteorological parameters more related to agriculture (air and skin temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation, evapotranspiration, soil moisture) calculated with an high scalable and fully integrable high resolution weather model that use the best stat of the art of the weather simulation the WRF.

The Weather Research Framework high resolution weather model can be interfaced with Model Output Statistics (MOS). This  is  technique of post-processing the output from numerical weather forecast models using weather statistics of the recently settled-up local weather station.

Using regression equations in statistical post-processing we can have a better local focus on  weather predictions in terms improving wind, temperature and  precipitation accuracy schemes. This kind of approach is very useful to Hto prevent Viticulture: Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Moth of the Bunch Arboriculture: scab, bacterial infestations Other crops: fungal diseases, development of other pests.


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